July 23rd, 2024 at 7pm AEST
(10am London time)


Hosted by Cass Dunn, Clinical & Coaching Psychologist

Does any of this sound familiar?...

  • When you achieve success you believe you "just got lucky" or it was a "fluke";
  • You have trouble owning your successes, but you completely own your "failures";
  • No matter how successful you become or how much you achieve, you don't ever seem to feel more confident…

And, all of this leads to overwork, perfectionism, procrastination, hiding out, playing small and holding back.  

Join me for this FREE 1-hour live session and you will learn:

  • What imposter syndrome really is and why it's so hard to shake
  • Why the standard advice for overcoming imposter syndrome has failed to help you make last changes
  • How to manage your mind and body so you can finally start feeling more grounded and confident

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